Playa de Dios Beachfront Playa Carmen

Hammock-TimeRef # : 8-140

Location : Playa Carmen
Price : $ 1,580,000
Land Size : 17590 m2

More Info :

DescriptionProject "Parcela De Dios"

Located right in front of an amazing surfing spot (Playa Carmen) and near some of the areas best restaurants, the bank and pharmacy as well as to our favourite grocery store, Super Ronny, this extraordinary deal is at the moment the best and largest beachfront property for sale in the area, and that too at an affordable price!

The size of the property is 1.7590 hectares, that is, 4.34 acres.

The property has three zones:

            ZRR1: Residencial/Recreation: 11,491 m2


          ZPQ: Quebrada Protection Zone: 2986 m2
          ZPF: Forest Protection Zone: 3113 m2

The buildable zone is registered for up to 60% construction coverage. With this registration and with the property favorably zoned, you have multiple options to build almost anything you like here, such as, multiple rental homes, beautiful beach front villa or even a single beachfront mansion.

If you want our personal recommendation, one of the best business models would be to build two or three luxury beachfront villas; such houses are highly sought after and easily go for $1000 per night in the area. If tropical exotic bliss (your design) is what people are looking for, then you can take our word on it that these houses will be nearly fully booked all year round. With ten years experience in rentals, we can advise you on how to maximize your occupancy rates. With a setup like this, your project will be easy to manage, highly profitable, and appreciate in value over time.