Pandora – Private Hill Farm

Pandora Hill Farm

Ref # : 7-227

Location : Malpais Backcountry
Price : $ 1,600,000
Land Size : 15 Ha

More Info:


Malpais Farm

This truly exceptional and extraordinary property has its own private mountain, a river, a small lake and an ancient jungle-like farm located in the hills behind Malpais and Santa Monica, making it one of the largest farms for sale in the area.

The area incorporates an entire hilltop, perfect to build your own private home, villa, or a castle, with a breathtaking 360 degree view all around; yes we really did mean it when we said “private mountain”!

The small pond seen in the photo, although beautiful, dries up, along with the streams that run through the property, during the dry season

There is also a house built for caretakers which can also be used to live in while you construct your dream home. It can also be used as a nice guest house.

This property is perfect for people who want privacy or want a spacious house. It is definitel a “dream” spot for celebrities.

As the property is not on a public road, it can’t be used for a hotel or any commercial project. However, it is perfect for running a bed and breakfast, as long as you live in the building. You could also subdivide and make up to 30 individuals lots, each having its own rental villa thus working as an eco lodge or village.

Although this property is one of the best in the area, it is not a “turnkey” project and is a diamond in the rough which needs the following:

      1. Year round access: This includes improving one small section of public road where it crosses a stream, and two small crossings on the property.


      2. Electricity: The nearest electric pole is 250-300 meters from the farm, plus a similar distance along an easement road to your farm. This may cost around $15,000 to install. Another option, of course, is to go solar, and a hilltop windmill could generate power too.
      3. Water: The area has a 50m well, which was found to have mineral content too high for straight consumption. A filter system could be installed to make it potable.

We can recommend excellent people to work on all these things for you if you purchase the property.