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Geoff McCabe

Geoff McCabeGeoff McCabe is one of the owners and CEO for Tropisphere S.A., with offices in the southern Nicoya Peninsula area of Costa Rica, covering: Santa Teresa, Malpais, Montezuma, Cabuya, Cobano, and Tambor. This site shows Geoff’s favorite properties in the area. We sell properties all over the southern Nicoya Peninsula, including beachfront, ocean view, condos, large farms, etc. When you arrive, ask around the area and you’ll find that we have a great reputation for honesty and hard work, which is what has made us so successful.

Geoff’s family, and Tropisphere, donates thousands of dollars from the profits to support local community projects, such as wildlife conservation organizations and improving the schools. Besides the fact that we have the most listings, wouldn’t you rather support a realtor who is spending its money to improve the area where you plan to live or invest? If we care this much about our community, how do you think we must treat our clients?

Geoff is one of the most knowledgeable people in the area about real estate, construction, plants, animals, and living in Costa Rica in general. His clients range from Hollywood celebrities to Peace Corps volunteers with $10,000 to spend, and he strives to treat them all with the same amount of respect and focus.

Geoff’s passion is sustainable construction and living, and he is a part owner of three eco-developments in Costa Rica. Geoff also runs two websites that are geared towards the promotion and education of the green/sustainable movement in Costa Rica: Pura-Verde.com and AirflowandShade.com. He is currently developing an eco village, organic farm, and sustainable learning center in the center of the peninsula called Rancho Delicioso.

Email Geoff here: Geoff McCabe or call (+506) 8844-4726

Check out Tropisphere’s main website: www.tropisphere.com for the most up to date and complete set of listings in this part of Costa Rica.

Why work with us?

MORE LISTINGS: If you’ve shopped real estate around Costa Rica before, you’ll know that there’s no MLS (Multiple Listing Service) system here, which means that every realtor must find his or her own listings. Tropisphere has more listings than any other company in the area? Why, because our sellers trust us and give us their properties. Check our competitors online and you’ll see we have more listings than anyone. Our donations to the local community have made us a favorite business in the area and sellers are eager to have us sell their properties. Working with us will save you time because we have more listings to offer you.

WE LOVE OUR CLIENTS: Many of our competitors don’t even want to talk to clients that aren’t big buyers, but we take the time to get to know each client, regardless of how much money it might bring to us. We treat our clients like family and walk them through all the steps of investing in Costa Rica. We’ll even help you if you buy a property on your own or through another realtor!

REPUTATION: When you arrive in the area, please ask around about us and our competitors. We’re confident that you’ll find we will be recommended to you more than anyone else. Our reputation matters to us, because we live here and we’re in this for the long-term, not just today’s sale.

WE COVER MORE GROUND: We’re the only real estate company in the area that fully covers both the Montezuma and Malpais sides of the peninsula. Many clients who think they want to buy on one side find that they actually prefer the other when they’re given the chance to see both. Other realtors will of course steer their clients to where they have their listings, but since we cover both sides, we’ll make sure you find the best possible property that suits your needs, regardless of location.

SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES: Our attitude with our clients, both buyers and sellers, has made us one of the area’s favorite businesses, and has contributed greatly to our success. You will find that working with us is not only fun, but will make you confident in the property you’re buying. If we’re so successful, we must be doing something right, don’t you think?